20 Best Variations of Lunges to do

A lunge can refer to any position for the human body where one leg is positioned forward with knee bent and foot flat on the ground as well as the other leg is positioned behind to the body, there are many Variations of Lunges to do. Athletes used this exercise in cross-training for sports and by weight trainers used for fitness exercise and by yogis as part of an Astana regimen. With some difference to split squat exercise, when doing lunge the rear leg is also activated.


20 Best Variations of Lunges Exercises are given below:

Lunges exercises are divided into some portions where particular muscles move by focusing on the lunge exercise.

1: Body weight Walking Lunge

Focus on your thighs, abs, and shoulders for doing such a kind of exercise.

How to DO Bodyweight Walking Lunge

how to do Bodyweight_Walking_Lunge exercise

  1. Start with the standing position with your feet shoulder width apart and place your hands on your hips.
  2. Sketch a step with your one leg, flexing your knees to drop your hips. Drop down this posture until your rear knee approximately touches to the surface. Remain your posture upright and your front knee should stay above the front foot.
  3. Extend both knees to raise yourself back up by driving through heal of your lead foot.
  4. Forward your step with your rear foot and repeating the lunge on the opposite leg.


2: Curtsy Lunge

Make aim to target your inner thighs and outer tush with the easy one follow exercise.

How to do Curtsy Lunge

how to do curtsy-lunge exercise

  1. First, stand and step your left leg behind of you and to the right leg so your thighs get crossed, bend both knees as if you were curtsying.
  2. Stand up by crossing that sides and switch your legs then do it again.
  3. Do more proper raps as possible for you in one minute.


3: Dumbbell Reverse Lunge

Lunges can be performed with dumbbells or barbell on the back. This exercise for advanced athletes who don’t have any balance issue.

How to do Dumbbell Reverse Lunge

how to do dumbel-reverse-lunge exercise

  1. Pick a set of the dumbbell. Stand straight with your feet shoulder apart. Make your arms straight hanging down by your sides.
  2. Take a deep breath and take a large step backward then make your rear knee toward the ground while keeping your front shin as vertical as possible. Push yourself to the starting point and repeat for the desired raps before switching legs.


4: Elevated Reverse Lunge

Elevated reverse lunge is really better for women butt workout. This exercise makes the gluts and the muscles that support them to tighten and tone your booty.

How to do Elevated Reverse Lunge

how to do Elevated-Reverse-Lunge exercise

  1. Place a six inches box or to the step and stand on it, and place your hands on your hips.
  2. Squeeze your left glute and take a step back with your left leg and lower until your right knee is bent at least 90 degrees. Stay and then push through the right leg to return to the starting point. This is called one rap, you have to do four to six raps and repeat it with the other leg.


5: Front Lunge Pass Under

Like all weight lifting routines, this kettlebell should be executed with caution. The muscles group most affected by this exercise will be quadriceps, calves and gluts Maxims.

How to do Front Lunge Pass Under

how to do Front-Lunge-Pass-Under exercise

  1. Stand straight with feet and take a big step forward with left leg and start to shift weight forward so heel hits the floor first.
  2. Do until the right thigh is parallel to the floor and right shin is vertical. Then you just lightly tap left knee to the ground while keeping weight in the right heel.
  3. Press into the right heel to get back up to the start point.


6: Lateral Lunge

A lateral lunge is an extremely effective exercise for working the lower body and it has many variations in it.

How to do Lateral Lunge

how to do lateral-lunge exercise

  1. Stand in straight t position with hip and knee slightly bent then feet shoulder width apart and the head and chest up. From this point, you will start this.
  2. Slow and steady do these steps to the right. Forward your pointed toes and stay low. Extend the left knee load the weight to the right after flexing the knee and hip into a side lunge. Keep your head and chest up through the entire spine by keeping your good postures.
  3. Stay at the down position then extend your working leg to return to the standing point, do this lunge to the other leg.


7: Lateral Lunge Lift

Both upper and lower body as part of your total fitness routine is imperative. The lateral lunge is really essential for working the lower body, and there are different variations you can do:

How to do Lateral Lunge Lift

How to do Lateral Lunge Lift exercise

  1. The lateral lunge is improving flexibility even it also strengthens your lower half.
  2. Stay stand with your feet hip-width apart. Attach your core and take a large step out to the right. Bend your right side of the leg and sit on your hip, straight your left leg and both feet flat on the floor. Push yourself straight to the standing position. Then repeat to the other side.


8: Lateral Lunge to Curtsy

It is really effective for inner thighs, glutes, quads, and hamstring. Without any equipment, you can try this and it also secondary effective for outer thighs.

How to do Lateral Lunge to Curtsy

Lateral Lunge to Curtsy exercise

  1. Grab some weight in your right hand, bring your right hand to your right foot. Lay down your hips as much as you can even you sinking back into your heels. Put your toes pointed forward and bend your left knee more than 90 degrees.
  2. Make apposition of curtsy with your left leg crossing behind your right as you press your weight overhead. Tight your curtsy and keep your hips in a square. Both of your feet point forward and after this, it completes your one rap.
  3. Repeat these steps quickly into a side lunge from the curtsy and when you completed at least 15 raps then switch your side.


9: Lateral Raise Lunge

To continue improvement or to increase the challenge to your body and keep you on the high track in your muscle tone and overall fitness then combine two exercises of lunge and lateral raises:

How to do Lateral Raise Lunge

Lateral-Raise-Lunge exercise

  1. Perform a regular lunge with forwarding to your right leg. Straight your right leg and forward at the hips and lift straight your left leg off the floor behind you until it’s about parallel to the floor.
  2. Return to the standing position and repeat these steps on the other side.


10: Lunge with Biceps Curl

This lunge exercise is a strengthening exercise that focuses muscles all over the body like biceps, glutes, hips, hamstring, upper legs, and forearm. It improves your balance and coordination.

How to do Lunge with Biceps Curl

Lunge-with-Biceps-Curl exercise

  1. Simultaneously work your upper body and lower body with this two in one move.
  2. Withholding a dumbbell on both hands and lunge forward your right leg. Bend your knee at 90-degree angle, lower them back down. Return to standing point and repeat it to the other side.


11: Lunge with Rear Leg Raise

If the lunge exercise did incorrectly it can place stress on your knee joints. Don’t allow any more to your knee joints to travel forward than the vertical line of your toes.

How to do Lunge with Rear Leg Raise

Lunge-with-Rear-Leg-Raise exercise

  1. Lift your way to a stronger lower body then perform a regular lunge with forwarding your right leg. Extend straight your right leg, hinge forward at the hip and straighten your left leg off the floor behind you until it reaches to parallel.
  2. Return to standing position and repeat this on another side.


12: Overhead Lunge

It is relatively straightforward, you can do it without any equipment and you can do it virtually anywhere. Everybody can do this exercise to improve their muscles, promote your stability and mobility as well.

How to do Overhead Lunge

Overhead-Lunge exercise

  1. Pick a dumbbell in your right hand lower your torso forward as you left to the lunge until the weight is a few inches above the ground.
  2. Then return to the standing point and move into curtsy lunge, step back with your left leg and after that the dumbbell up over your head.


13: Reverse Lunge

This exercise is an underappreciated variation of a popular leg exercise. This also an exercise for leg musculature.

How to do Reverse Lunge

How to do Reverse Lunge

  1. Place a six inches box or to the step and stand on it, and place your hands on your hips.
  2. Take a step back with your left leg, lower your body into a lunge. Push your right foot and straighten your right leg as you return to start point.


14: Reverse Lunge and Kick

This is the best moving exercise for warm up the whole body, it’s a dynamic stretch for the hamstring and hip flexors.

How to do Reverse Lunge and Kick

reverse-Lunge-and-kick exercise

  1. Move your body through the regular reverse lunge but instead to return to stand position on two legs, kick your back leg out in front of you until your opposite hand touches your toes.
  2. Return to stand up position and repeat on the other side.


15: Reverse Lunge and Press

These lunge exercises help you for full body toner gets the heart rate going.

How to do Reverse Lunge and Press

Reverse-Lunge-and-Press exercise

  1. Start it as a regular lunge but hold the dumbbell on both hands and make them above to your shoulders.
  2. Step back with your left leg and reverse that move instead returning to the stand.
  3. Make your left leg up to the hip level.
  4. As you can do press the weight up overhead.
  5. Return to standing position and repeat on the other leg.


16: Reverse Lunge Knee Up

Reverse lunge knee up focuses at your gluts, quads, and hamstring.

How to do Reverse Lunge Knee Up

Reverse-Lunge-Knee-Up exercise

  1. As usually stand in regular lunge position but instead of returning to standing just straight your front leg to jump up and make draw your back leg up in front of you.
  2. All this do in one quickly or explosive motion. Return to reverse lunge and repeat it with another leg.


17: Split Lunge Jump

This exercise gives you shape to your legs and butt.

How to do Split Lunge Jump

Split-Lunge-Jump exercise

  1. To start up your lunge first forward your left leg and push through both feet and jump up.
  2. Keep in mind that you’re both feet come together in the air and land in a lunge position.
  3. Now this time your right leg in front and continue alternating moves and quickly do these exercise.


18: Walking Lunge

Walking lunge can improve your overall strength not even only for your legs as well as your core.

How to do Walking Lunge

Walking-Lunge exercise

  1. Fire up your legs until more with walking lunge.
  2. The forward movements make the hamstrings, glutes and quads of the leading leg contract. This is like you are performing a one-legged squat.
  3. Don’t forget your form, maintain your good posture and make sure your front knee never extends past your front foot.


19: Walking Lunge with Dumbbell

Walking lunge with a dumbbell is a complete leg builder exercise. It gives growth in the quads, hamstrings, glutes and many other muscles.

  1. Walk your way to an even stronger, fitter form by holding a weight in each hand as you are making your way forward in a walking lunge.
  2. You can use this move for the barbell. After that, the bar I across your upper back and then do perform walking lunging as usual.


20: Walking Lunge with Twist

Walking lunge with twist exercise is a great core exercise that builds lower body strength and balance.

How to do Walking Lunge with Twist

Walking-Lunge-with-Twist exercise

  1. Take a medicine ball and hold it in front of your upper belly.
  2. Take a step forward your right leg and lower yourself into a lunge.
  3. Then twist torso to the left. Then rotate back to center and raise your body back up.
  4. Move forward your left leg into a lunge. Alternatively do it again with another side.