Top 10 Ab Exercises Without Equipment

top 10 ab exercises without equipment

There are a lot of exercises that promise you to fulfill your dream of six pack abs, I’ll let you know how to do for your abs workout and exercise without equipment. However, we believe that the best way to work for our body starts from abdominal. We tried to pick the best and true exercises without any equipment. Every person wants to be a strong man but this is not compulsory to do a gym for fitness. If you don’t want to go to the gym or don’t have access to a gym. First talk about how fitness goals are playing a role in your mind.

The right thinking is how to get stronger not that how to get the flat body. This is the main key point to do for your health. Some exercises are discussed for strong, muscular, healthy and for the flat body.


Top 10 Ab Exercises Without Equipment

  1. Planks:

Take a position of push-ups, and rest your weight on the forearm, not on our hands. Make your body like a straight line, then bring your bellybutton into your stomach. You can set your sights for 45 seconds.


  1. Crunches:

This ab workout exercise is about gym class. First, lie down and flat your back with your feet. Bend your legs at a knee point. Place your hands back to your head, webbing your fingers together. Bring your head to knee and then lie down. Same as it does minimum 20 raps of 3 sets.


  1. Sit-ups:

This is similar to the crunches, just use your upper body towards the knee then raise your body up towards your knee. Use your abs muscle to pull upper body towards the knee.


  1. Leg lifts:

Lie down your back and place your hands behind the hip. Stop your breath for some seconds and lift your legs in front of you at 45-degree angle. Hold it for a minute and then lie down your legs and take a breath.


  1. Flutter kicks:

Lie down your legs and arm according to their sides and extends straight. Then lift your legs and start kicking up and down between the angle degrees of 20 to 60.


  1. Bicycle:

Lay on your back and hold your hands back to the head and pull your knees toward your belly. The first leg extends to straight and the other bend toward to your belly then move abdominal according to your bend leg. Then bring the other leg. Now twist and change your leg and the main thing is hold each leg for 3 seconds.


  1. Double Leg Stretch:

Lay back with your knees bend over your hip and heels together and make your toes outside. Hold your arms out on the outside of your legs, palms pointed inward and also raise your shoulders. Inhale and exhale as your legs in front of you and bring your arm top to the head and palms facing your legs. Then return to your starting point.


  1. Superman Plank:

Look at your exercise mat with fully stretched arms in front of you. Same as it raises your arms and legs when you exhale you breathe. Keep your breathe inhale when your arms are lower and legs.


  1. Plank Up:

Bend your one arm to get the elbow and forearm to the floor then set your other arm down so you are in a forearm plank. Push your back to start, placing each hand at the place of your elbows was. So on continuing to lead your arm with each rap.


  1. V Ups:

Lay down face side to the sky arms and legs extended straight on the floor. Inhale and hold your breath and lift hands and fleet to meet over to the sky and then lay down your arms and legs back to the floor.


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