How To Do Push-Ups For Female Beginners


Push-ups are an exercise which peoples can easily do and this is a common exercise which is in the knowledge of every person even the children. Push-ups are a favorite choice for male and female fitness people. Push-ups are not the same for men and women. So what do women do with push-ups? What are the specific benefits of women practicing push-ups, is it suitable for exercise?


How To Do Push-Ups For Female Beginners

  1. Stand with your legs together and lift your hands above your head. Inhale, tighten the navel, tighten your hips, and stretch your arms high, just like you just woke up in the morning and stretched.
  2. Inhale, stretch the arm forward and then down, forming an arc, just like stretching the spine, first from the head down, then the neck and upper back, and finally the lower back forward. When stretching, let your arms go forward. Finally, the hand is supported on the mat in front of the body.
  3. Inhale, lower the chest, do a posture to stand up, if you feel that the lower back is a little tight, and first gently lift the buttocks and then clamp.
  4. Inhale, slowly withdraw the hand, and return to the state of action
  5. When it is raised upwards, the head still maintains a drooping posture, as long as it “stacks” a spine. After the body stands up, raise your head again.
  6. Keep the posture of action 4 to do 8 times to push forward, inhale when you go down, and exhale when you get up. Try to slow down. The body keeps the abdomen tight and clamps the buttocks.


Benefits of Pushups

  1. The development of quality, its main role is to develop human upper limb strength and abdominal muscle strength can improve the body’s static and dynamic strength.
  2. Improve physiology, can play an important role in the development of balance and support capabilities. It can improve the central nervous system, benefit the solid bone, flexible joints, firm ligaments, strong muscles, and elasticity, and at the same time accelerate blood circulation, increase lung capacity, promote growth and development, and improve exercise capacity.
  3. Enhance physical fitness, regular comprehensive exercise, is beneficial to the development of physical and mental, can regulate the human psychology, make people energetic, play a strong body, cultivate the sentiment, exercise the will. In addition, it is said to have the effect of prolonging life.

In addition, data from researchers show that if a woman practices push-ups properly, she can not only breast, but also the chest but also create a better curve shoulder, back, and arms. Moreover, push-ups also help girls consume more calories to maintain their body shape. Not only that, but doing push-ups has a multiplier effect, and less exercise can be more effective than other women’s fitness programs.




Tips For Female Beginners to do push-ups

  1. Do push-ups must be gradual, from simple to difficult, the number of times slowly increased. When you start practicing, you may not have exercised for a long time. If you use too much force, you may strain your muscles. Therefore, do push-ups must be gradual, not eager.
  2. According to their physical condition, the status quo of the body, choose the appropriate practice method to control the exercise load. Take the elderly, the body will age with the body after aging, the body is certainly not as strong as when young. Therefore, when doing push-ups, you don’t have to be so standard, and you can’t exercise your body with weight-bearing exercise, which is likely to cause damage to bones and muscles. Moreover, the elderly suffer from osteoporosis and may be fractured if they are slightly inadvertent.
  3. Prepare and relax activities to prevent injury and muscle stiffness. Because push-ups are also a kind of exercise that requires a lot of physical strength. If you don’t prepare for exercise, you may be hurting your body’s organs or encounter other unexpected situations. Therefore, before doing push-ups, you should press your legs or move your limbs.


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