How Many Push-Ups A Day to Get Toned


Push-ups are a type of exercise that is more common in everyday life. It is not only easy to carry out, it has no equipment requirements, but it can also train several muscle groups at the same time. Of course, the main training for push-ups is the chest muscles, but the triceps and shoulders are also strengthened. However, push-ups must be done to achieve the effect of training muscles. How many push ups a day you need, you can decide according to your own situation, the best situation is 100 per day, you can do it in different time periods. If you feel too tired, it is recommended to stop or choose another exercise method in time.

​5 Benefits of Doing Push-Ups

  1. Effectively Strengthen Muscle Strength

Push-ups can be said to be an efficient compound exercise because it can exercise multiple muscle groups at the same time. Think about it, while practicing the chest, the triceps and shoulders are also trained, saving time and eliminating the need to spend time alone training each muscle.

In addition, the abdominal muscles and lower back muscles are also exercised, helping to keep the body stable during push-ups.


  1. Improve Body Function

​For example, doing push-ups plays an important role in the development of balance and support. It can also improve the central nervous system, which is beneficial to bone persistence and joint flexibility. In addition to these, it can promote blood circulation and the development of ligaments.


  1. Weight Management

Sticking to push-ups helps manage weight. Whether you want to maintain your existing weight or want to lose weight, training your daily exercise habits can help you achieve your goals faster, and choosing a convenient form of exercise will make it easier for you to stick to it. The Mayo Clinic says that exercise is part of everyday life and keeps you motivated.

Push-ups are not only without equipment requirements, but can also be carried out anywhere. It is a convenient choice for daily fat burning exercises. In addition, the ability to train multiple muscle groups at the same time consumes more heat than exercising only one muscle.


  1. Quick Refreshing

When you feel listless, doing a set of push-ups can get you up and running quickly. This exercise promotes blood circulation, energy release, and awakens the brain, making the next job more efficient.


  1. Increase Bone Mass

As the age increases, the bone mass of the person gradually decreases, resulting in an increase in the incidence of fracture. Therefore, weight training is one of the important ways to keep your bones strong. Push-ups not only enhance the body’s main muscles, but also help keep the bones of the elbows and wrists strong, thus reducing the possibility of damage to these parts of the body.


Pay attention to these two points

  1. Muscle Imbalance

Frequent push-ups can lead to imbalances in the body’s muscles, as the trainer may have over-developed chest muscles, ignoring the exercise of the back muscles. The result is a change in posture and limited physical function during exercise.

Therefore, the small Pi suggests that when you exercise, you should pay attention to comprehensive development in many aspects.


  1. Insufficient Recovery

For those who want to stick to push-ups, sometimes they may find that their progress is not obvious. This may be because there is not enough recovery time. Especially for those who just started training, it is best to start at a frequency of 2~3 times a week, and then gradually increase. After all, recovery is an essential part of training even for professional athletes.

Push-ups do in these 5 points

The correct action is half the battle! Guaranteed correct movement, not only to avoid sports injuries, but also to make training better and more effective.

Correct posture

  • Ensure that the entire back is straight, neither stepping on the waist nor bowing, feet and shoulder width
  • The elbows are as close to the body as possible
  • When the body is falling, try to keep the chest close to the ground
  • The whole process ensures the strength of the abdomen, legs and buttocks
  • Try not to let the hips touch the ground and keep it at the same height as the shoulders


Breathe Properly

During the process, ensure that the body inhales when it descends and exhales when it is propped up. It may be difficult to remember at first. Try to slog the “suck and exhale” slogan to remind yourself when doing the action.

Step by step

At the beginning of the novice, it is recommended to do what you can, the number of times each group is specified according to its own situation, and then two more groups per day. Ensure that the group and the group rest for more than 1 minute. First, guarantee 2 to 3 times a week. After the physical fitness is improved, you can gradually increase the number of each group and become a daily training.


Increase Weight

When the ability has improved, you can consider the weight-bearing, which can increase the resistance of push-ups and further shape the muscles. Consider buying a heavyweight, or ask a friend to put your hands on your back.


Change the Form of Push-Ups

After having some confidence in your abilities, you can consider performing push-up deformation exercises such as raising the height of the feet, supporting the push-ups with one foot, narrow-arm push-ups, one-arm push-ups, and enhanced push-ups.



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