Best Chest Exercises Without A Bench


There are a lot of exercises for chest in a variety, among which best chest exercises without a bench also exist.  Because for chest exercises it is not important to do exercises on the bench, even bench is a good tool for chest exercise as it enhances strength on delt it can be tough for those who are injured or cannot do this exercise with shoulders.

So it is not necessary to build your structured chest, you have to do bench exercise; you can do without this tool as well in a good manner to build and strengthen your muscles.

There are some of the exercises for a chest that you can perform without using a bench, so read this article thoroughly to know about these exercises.

Best Chest Exercises without a Bench:



How to Do:

Push-ups are recommended for building muscles. It includes many muscles at a time, shoulders, deltoids, abs, chest and rhomboids. It is the best exercise that you can perform without going on a gym and without using any tools.           

  • You just have to lie down against your chest, keeping your back and body straight.
  • Join your feet together and place your palms on the ground.
  • Make sure that your knees shouldn’t touch the ground.
  • Now push your body up and down.

Dumbbell Chest Exercises:

How to Do:

Take a pair of dumbbells into your palms and don’t worry about the bench, you can perform on the floor. It’s risky but you can weigh heavy weights. You can perform by floor press, chest flyes, and svend press.

In floor press, lie down against your back on the floor, take two dumbbells against you and extend arms and lift the weights against your chest, return it to the starting position to take it again to upward.

In chest fly, you can perform it by lying down on the back on the ground, lifting up two dumbbells into your palms, extend your arms, push the weights into the front of your chest and move it with both hands as they are flying but in a slow motion.

In svend press, stand straight making sure your back is straight, take a pair of weights, hold with your palms, and extend your arms holding both weights with both palms by pushing the weights away from your chest.

Ring press up:


How to Do:

Start with your feet on the floor, stand in an angel that you can bend your back and legs to do reps. hold rings with palms and lift your own body weight on these rings. 



How to Do:

  • Hold dip bars firmly, bend knees and keep straight your head, back, and face.
  • Keep your elbows and arms straight.
  • Now bend elbows to push up and down your body.

Swiss bar floor press is one of the best chest exercises without a bench:

Swiss bar floor press

How to Do:

  • Lie down against your back, bend knees to upward and make sure your back and head are straight.
  • Hold bars with both hands firmly.
  • Push those bars up by extending arms to the upward side and away from the chest.
  • Return those bars to the chest again to start this workout again.


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