Arm Workout with Dumbbells At Home

Arm Workout with Dumbbells At Home

There are too much techniques you can use by a set of dumbbells, by the set of dumbbells you can gain and lose weight. In this article, you will learn the techniques to do arm workout with dumbbells at home. This isn’t matter you are gaining or losing your weight but the fact is you should have to be fit. Proper fifteen minutes are enough for major muscle group like biceps, triceps and shoulders. The arm workout requires total body coordination, it force your body to work harder. Within two weeks you can feel difference. There are some step/techniques which gives result for your arm workout.


17 Steps for Arm Workout with Dumbbells At Home:

Lateral Raise:

Lateral Raise

  • Stand tall with knees marginally twisted. Holding a free weight in each hand, let your arms hang by your sides, palms looking in.
  • Keep a slight twist in your elbows as you raise your arms out to the sides until the hand weights are level with shoulders (ensure your palms are confronting the floor).
  • Lower your arms; total 8 to 12 reps.


Push Ups:

Push Ups

  • Lay gut down on the floor, with your feet approximately 15-20 centimeters separated. Spot your palms level on the ground and marginally more extensive than shoulder-width separated.
  • Keeping your body straight and long, come up onto your toes and lift your body off the floor with your arms until they are completely expanded. Gradually twist your arms at the elbows and lower your chest towards the floor.
  • Stop approximately 10-15 centimeters before contacting the ground with your tummy. Attempt to keep your back and legs straight and in a solitary plane.
  • Push back up into the first position. That is one push-up.
  • On the off chance that this is excessively hard, do the activity with your knees on the floor. Or on the other hand significantly less complex, do the activity standing, utilizing a divider. Begin with your feet about 50 centimeters from the divider.
  • Go for completing three arrangements of 8-12 reps.


Triceps Push Ups:

Triceps Push Ups

  • Get into a push-up position with your arms straight yet with knees on the floor and feet noticeable all around. Hands ought to be under your chest and closer together than in a standard push-up.
  • Fix abs and twist arms, bringing chest toward the floor. Keep upper arms near your sides and back straight. Elbows should point behind, not out.
  • Rectify arms to the beginning position; rehash for 8 to 12 reps or the greatest number of as you can do.


Overhead Extension:

Overhead Extension

  • Remain with feet hip-width separated and knees marginally twisted, grasping the free weight with both of your hands.
  • Achieve your arms overhead, holding the hand weight vertically. Keep wrists straight. Twist your elbows, bringing down the free weight behind your head. Keep your upper arms near your head and elbows which are indicating the roof.
  • Rectify your arms upward; rehash to finish 8 to 12 reps.


Biceps Curl:

Biceps Curl

  • Remain with feet bear width separated, getting a handle on a free weight in your grasp.
  • With palm looking ahead, twist your elbow and force the weight up towards your shoulders.
  • Lower your arm. Complete 8 to 12 reps (and do likewise on the other arm).


Dumbbell Row:

Dumbbell Row

  • Grasp a free weight and jump on one hand and knee on a seat. Keep your back straight; the elbow ought to be marginally twisted and your palm confronting internal. (Make a point to adjust twisted knee under hips and hand under the correct shoulder.)
  • Fix the muscular strength. Crush shoulder bones together and lift the weight upwards until the upper arm is parallel to the floor and elbow is somewhat behind you.
  • Come back to begin and complete the set. Complete 8 to 12 reps, and switch sides.


Bench Press:

Bench Press

  • Lay on your back, on a weight-lifting seat, and plant the two feet solidly on the floor.
  • Reach up and get the free weight with two hands.
  • Force the hand weight down toward your chest, at that point push it far from you. Complete 8 to 12 redundancies utilizing as much weight as you can.


Two-Arm Kettlebell Swing:

Two-Arm Kettlebell Swing

  • Remain with feet bear width separated, arms balancing loose before you, and holding the iron weight with two hands.
  • Twist your knees and let the portable weight down between your legs.
  • In one snappy development, leave the squat by fixing legs while swinging arms forward to eye level. The iron weight should feel weightless at the highest point of this development.
  • Rehash for one moment. (Rather than a one-minute time, you can likewise complete 8-12 reps of this arm work out.)


Single-Arm Push-Press:

Single-Arm Push-Press

  • Remain with your feet hip-width separated and hold iron weight in your correct hand with clench hand near chest, elbow bowed and tucked into body. (Permit the portable weight to lay on your lower arm all through this development.)
  • Keep lower body into a full squat and tight your Abs.
  • Rapidly drive through heels out of the squat while at the same time pushing the iron weight not yet decided by fixing the arm (at the top, your palm will look ahead). Accomplish for 30 seconds, at that point change to left hand for 30 seconds. Rehash this arrangement again.


Plank to Push-Up:

Plank to Push-Up

  • Begin in a high board position (staring you in the face rather than your elbows) with your arms legitimately underneath your shoulders and your center muscles locked in.
  • Lift one arm up and place your elbow down, trailed by the other arm so you are on your elbows (customary board).
  • Come back to beginning position by lifting one elbow up at once and setting your hands back in the first position, until you are back to a high board position. Do the greatest number of as you can in two minutes.


Dumbbell Curl and Press:

Dumbbell Curl and Press

  • Stand holding the two free weights by your hips with feet bear width separated.
  • With palms looking toward your body, twist arms up to your shoulders.
  • Keep on driving the two arms up toward the roof, stopping for a second when your arms are completely reached out before coming back to beginning position.
  • Complete 8-12 reps.


Dumbbell Kickback:

Dumbbell Kickback

  • Begin by holding free weights in two hands; twist forward from your hips, keeping up a straight spine and keeping your chest up. Keep neck lined up with your back so you are looking at the floor marginally in front of you. Twist elbows, keeping your upper arms close by your body.
  • Broaden your arms each one in turn behind you and crush your triceps muscle for a minute prior coming back to beginning position.
  • Complete 8-12 reps on each side.


Dumbbell Punch:

Dumbbell Punch

  • Hold free weights while remaining with feet bear width separated and knees delicate (marginally twisted).
  • Punch your arms out before you each one in turn for one moment; as you exchange forward and backward, keep hand weights at shoulder level. Abstain from yanking your body, however do enable your hips to move normally as you punch.


Triceps Dips:

Triceps Dips

  • Sit on the edge of a seat, knees twisted at a 90-degree point and feet fixed on floor.
  • Hold the seat, hands on either side of your hips.
  • Push glutes off the seat and lower body a few crawls down, bowing elbows (keep elbows near one another).
  • At that point raise body back to beginning position.
  • Complete 8-12 reps. (To expand the test, hold one load between knees or broaden legs out further.)


Triceps Dips with Single Leg Extension:

Triceps Dips with Single Leg Extension

  • Sit on the edge of a container with feet fixed on the ground.
  • Grasp the edge of the crate, knuckles looking ahead, a spot hands bear width separated.
  • Broaden one leg and lift off the crate. Lower your body in a controlled movement bowing your elbows at 90-degrees.
  • Keeping hips level and elbow near your middle, push back up and rehash.
  • Complete 8-12 reps.




  • Untruth face up, holding one free weight safely in two hands, arms coming to toward the roof and free weight adjusted over your chest. Curve your legs, feet on the floor and knees pointing up.
  • With abs tight and a firm grasp on the hand weight, gradually expand your arms over your head and behind you, keeping your elbows marginally twisted and upper arms near your ears.
  • At the point when your arms are about parallel to the floor, come back to beginning position. Complete eight to 12 reiterations.


Back Fly:

Back Fly

  • With a medium free weight in each hand, step your correct foot forward around two feet. (Next time you do this exercise, venture forward with your left foot.) Bend your front leg into a semi-lurch and pivot forward marginally from the midsection. Hold back straight, abs tight and body weight marginally forward. Roll your shoulders back and down.
  • Rectify your arms down toward the floor, hands and free weights adjusted under shoulders. Gradually raise your arms to the sides, palms down and elbows marginally twisted, until hands are simply under shoulder stature (appeared).
  • Lower arms back to beginning position. Complete eight to 12 reps.


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